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Jaunt To The Aberrance - Presentation

I once have had many projects in mind, and one of them is a novel, an adventurous one. Here are some of its traits which I wanted to show.

itle: Jaunt

Subtittle: To The Aberrance

Type: Novel

Genre: Adventure, varied

Rating: G. (There will be some PG-15 scenes in the following chapters)


Having owned a special secret map, the reckless young mercenary Nairen has always dreamt of discovering the hidden truth about the heritage of the Lucynnia royal family. With the assistance of an elegant vegeance-thirsting witch, will he succeed in his quest? Who will they meet, what will they encounter, how will the consecution of this journey be? And also, what is the real purpose of that askew hostile witch?

Status: In-progress


  • Chapter I:
  • Chapter II:
  • Chapter III