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2014-10-24 08:13 pm

Jaunt To The Aberrance - Chapter I, Part 1

Jaunt To The Aberrance

Chapter I - Origin of the bemused

Part 1

The familiar sound precipitately echoes into my ear-drums as I knit my brows in tiredness. Stiffly, my exhausted substance tries to roll over to the left, in which the shrillness came from; I slightly open my ponderous eyes and the intimate appearance reaches my sight.
“Good morning, friend.” - The man, dressed in his plain yet clean clothes, friendly verbalises the unnecessary greetings and hands me a tray of a loaf of bread and a cup of milk. Much to his care, I frown with an unpleasant face:
“Not enough! C'mon, do you people eat peas as meat?!”
“Well, how c
an I felicitate you, friend?”
Similar to my expectation, he just calmly responses with something that my mind can't understand at all.
Not letting me keep my face stiff with for eternity, he continues.
“You know, I can bear with you sitting here eating breads of idleness forever, but I can't effort to satisfy your carnivorous thirst. Right, Nai~ren?” - The venturous young idiot lengthens my name on purpose, with a teasing tone.
“Grr.... Fine then!“ - “Get your burden lifted! I'm outta here!”
Snapping at him, I angrily jump up from the bed which I have laid on and walk away; With pride, my feet conceitedly head to the old door.

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2014-10-24 06:39 pm

Jaunt To The Aberrance - Presentation

I once have had many projects in mind, and one of them is a novel, an adventurous one. Here are some of its traits which I wanted to show.

itle: Jaunt

Subtittle: To The Aberrance

Type: Novel

Genre: Adventure, varied

Rating: G. (There will be some PG-15 scenes in the following chapters)


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