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Jaunt To The Aberrance

Chapter I - Origin of the bemused

Part 1

The familiar sound precipitately echoes into my ear-drums as I knit my brows in tiredness. Stiffly, my exhausted substance tries to roll over to the left, in which the shrillness came from; I slightly open my ponderous eyes and the intimate appearance reaches my sight.
“Good morning, friend.” - The man, dressed in his plain yet clean clothes, friendly verbalises the unnecessary greetings and hands me a tray of a loaf of bread and a cup of milk. Much to his care, I frown with an unpleasant face:
“Not enough! C'mon, do you people eat peas as meat?!”
“Well, how c
an I felicitate you, friend?”
Similar to my expectation, he just calmly responses with something that my mind can't understand at all.
Not letting me keep my face stiff with for eternity, he continues.
“You know, I can bear with you sitting here eating breads of idleness forever, but I can't effort to satisfy your carnivorous thirst. Right, Nai~ren?” - The venturous young idiot lengthens my name on purpose, with a teasing tone.
“Grr.... Fine then!“ - “Get your burden lifted! I'm outta here!”
Snapping at him, I angrily jump up from the bed which I have laid on and walk away; With pride, my feet conceitedly head to the old door.

“Take care of your breakfast first.” - Again, the daring metalworker just calmly gives an order.
I really wonder, why did I choose to stay with him in the first place? What all the benefits could I gain from that decision?
“And drink your milk, too. For the sake of your to-be-broken bone.”

“Also, remind me to fix your torn up coat, 'cause I won't remember to do so.”
I stop moving and remain still. What benefits? Other than having him treating me like a child and being ordered around? Groaning, I nod and do as he said. I go back to where I've slept in the whole night to sit down and start eating. The dry pieces of bread and later on the cool stream of sweet liquid encounters my throat as I swallow my whole meal.
“You sure is a gayal. Even pigs can't feed on as fast as you.”
All I can do is glaring at him, I'm not scrimpy enough to make a fuss about this... Yet, as I saw his callous palm lending out to me, I could just accept it. I stand up, our hands come out of contact as we both retreat them. Cleaning up the salver of a leftover bread and an empty cup, the fellow goes out of the room; Step by step, his neat-short-dust-blond hair slowly departs my sight. One more time, he mutters something I don't even understand. For a blacksmith, he has such eccentric vocabularies. Normally, I would agree with him and carry on.
“Respite and repose.”
“Fine fine, you...”
“My name?”
Suddenly, the flimsy, thin, and tall body of him stops walking.
“Eh...?” - Again, I am frozen. Realising what his weird intention was, my mouth open, spelling what I've always called him all the time - “Jareth.”

Finally, he nods and smiles, then immediately leaves the place. Being the only one left here, I lean on the wall with eyes closed for half a minute, then abruptly sit down on the bed and remain there. A while later, I sigh and move.

"Today has finally come."

The old pillow was picked up and soon its ivory-white case is fastly ripped off, uncovering the folded piece of paper. It was a map, not just any ordinary one, but the one which brought me to an ambition, a chaotic dream... The more I look at it, the more impetuous my intention becomes. That shard of memory bursts out in my mind as I remember everything, barely and clearly. My hand is holding the material so tight that it is almost crushed. Calming myself down, locking up my to-be-archived desire, I hide the folded paper under the last layer of my armor, as its rough yet soft surface makes contact with my chest. I can't waste any more time, I must get on it quick! The more I waver here, the more unsafe my pursuit becomes in mind.
"This is the time, I must act now..."
I gather all my equipments and place them in my inventory - a tough leather bag. I then head for the corner where my tools lies in. A pair of long and sharp sabres, a mental shield and three daggers. These weapons have been with me for a great deal of time. Although comparing to the time I spent with that reckless blacksmith, it only is a half. Speaking of which, I wonder how he will react when I tell him I'll set off today; Probably he's going to wish me luck with some speeches that a mother would say to her child... Upon opening the door, I, surprisingly frown as I realise that he was standing here the whole time!
"What are you doing?"
"I'm supposed to ask you that question, dear friend."
I'm letting you go this time, since I'm leaving now, idiot... "My jaunt starts today."
"I see." - He puts on a smile, like always, and continues: "Here, take this." - He says, as a bag of coins is lent to me. Accepting the sack with no hesitation, I find out that it is much more heavier than all the ones he used to give me before. Having nothing else to do, I look at him; He's still smiling, that teasing and daring smile of him. However, somehow it is different this time; Somehow, it has a ray of dissatisfaction.
"It looks like I shall not have any other chance to feed your hungry stomach, doesn't it?"
"Yeah. You won't be wasting funds from now on."

After giving a short reply, the dust-blonde only nods. Having seen his slow nodding before, my attention leaves his smile. It seems like he knew that I planned to part today, and is unsatisfied with that; Otherwise, he wouldn't show such behaviour. As the atmosphere becomes quiet, we say no more and start walking outside.

Standing, looking back at the shelter I have lived in since youth, I see my closest friend - the ridiculous smith. He's still there fixing his feet to the ground, smiling at me.

Turning his head away, the impetuous mercenary start moving. Heading to the point of a coming up jaunt, little does this chap know, his fellow is still there, focusing a hesitate gaze on him...


Hello, thank you for reading my very first successfully-written... chapter's part! This is a part the first chapter of the "Jaunt To The Aberrance" novel project - my current main ambition. English is not my mother-tongue, so I had difficulty writing this. What bothers me the most is: I want to write in pure British English, but my knowledge is not good enough to distinguish the difference of these two languages (British and American) as the English educations in my school mostly are Oxford's follower. However, I am extremely satisfied and happy that I was able to finish this, although it is not so much. Hopefully, I will be able to finish the whole novel too! <3


For the general information of this novel project, please click here.


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